Close Protection & Medical

Your safety is our priority 

Once we are presented with a brief from our clients, we will make careful and considered choices to match all the situations, both current and future, from all aspects including current social media chat, likely to have any possible effect on our clients and their businesses, however minor at the time, we will then choose the most appropriate plan and security personnel for the task, from their background employment, gender, ethnicity and experience, including employees personal traits and physical abilities to ensure a seamless unobtrusive or visual presence, where required, into our clients business and family life, enabling our personnel to establish a flexible, planned, comfortable, respectful, safe working relationship with our clients, their family’s, their employees, while, at all times, carrying out their duties within the law and with all ethical considerations, all aspects are overseen by our expert and very experienced management staff 24/7, with a specific personal manager and a specific emergency contact number dedicated to each individual client. 

We will only use security personnel we have personally authenticated as being experts in their field, qualified, experienced, approachable, discrete and respectful, with excellent credentials and would have no hesitation in recommending them to others, we rely heavily on the people we provide, they are our biggest asset and are a direct reflection of our company. 

We always produce a practical plan for our clients consideration and discussion and would only proceed when authorization directly from our client has been given. 

We are always happy to discreetly discuss your requirements for any and all your needs, offer advice, procedures, management, personnel and materials. 

We all take a special pride in our work, our clients’ safety and our tasks. 

Close Protection. 

We will work with our client to produce a workable plan, source and provide only top quality professionally qualified security personnel to suit your needs and assess what the priorities are and the need to reduce any threat to a safe level, should that require a lone protection officer or a team, with experienced first-hand management in control.  

Our security can be arranged and personalised to be very discreet or very visual to suit your needs and all situations, we will of course, discuss and advise you of the most appropriate security that may be required for both yourself, your family and your employees at any time. 

Residential Security Teams (RST) 

Once instructed we will carry out an in-depth assessment of your residential security needs to establish any security vulnerabilities that exist within your premises and provide you with advice, procedures and recommendations to overcome any shortcomings, secure the premises, produce and induct procedures for incidents and emergencies, including safe evacuation of the premises.  

In conjunction with our security partners, when abroad, a more specialist solution may be required (eg, translators, local police liaison, dogs teams, local firearms teams) all can be integrated within your needs by us.   

Player protection 

Recent events have shown there has been a marked increase by certain persons attempting personal and aggressive, sometimes violent attacks on people involved with sporting events and also the contesting players themselves (a football fan attacking the Aston Villa captain, a rugby fan confronting Billy Vunipola) we have looked carefully at these occurrences and have concluded that these incidents will only, sadly, increase in future, therefore we have produced niche security packages, that can be specifically tailored to any sports club to protect their players and staff in the run up to the game, during the game, during game intervals, any afterwards interviews and festivities. 

We would be more than happy to discuss all your requirements, please call for details.